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I’m Kevin Delaney and I write the email newsletters and related content. I’m a journalist who also co-founded Quartz, a global media startup, and served as its co-CEO. I’ve managed multiple large teams and worked in Montreal, Paris, San Francisco, and New York. I wrote more articles for The Wall Street Journal than I could count (including plenty of reporting on management and the future of work), and recently led a project about income inequality for The New York Times.

I’ve long been obsessed with how to make organizational practices and what we do at work everyday more adequately respond to the challenges of equity, diversity, climate change, automation, and having multiple generations in the workforce. Yet the guidebook to our new era of business didn’t seem to exist. The best practices are out there—there just hasn’t been an ideal place for learning about them and discussing them.

Throughout my week, I watch for developments that help point the way forward, and interview people who are figuring things out. The newsletter is my way to share that with you. I also post related interviews and articles here on this site.

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Kevin J. Delaney

Cofounder, Reset Work